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We are best friends, soulmates and business partners navigating our way through this not-so-big world. 

In 2013, Morne was finishing up his Marketing degree in Cape Town, South Africa. Katelyn was completing her B.A. in Psychology in Oswego, NY.

Both of us, guided by a wanderlust heart, made our way to Seoul, Korea to teach English. It was here that our passion for teaching and yoga grew. 

Feeling a strong call to explore yoga, we flew to Rishikesh, India, where we completed our first yoga training. Leaving India, we felt there was so much more we could learn and a few months later, we returned. 

Lockdown came at the end of our 300hour training. For 6 months we stayed in Rishikesh, learning and instructing in our small groups. 

Finally, after immigration trials and traveling delays we have settled in Syracuse. 

Throughout this journey our practice and intention has changed. We to have experienced the added stress of the pandemic and the difficulty managing everything that's expected of a 21st century, plugged-in person. 

Our mission is to share what we have learned (and continue to learn), to help people sit, stand, sleep and breath more comfortably and to give people the tools to address their stress, practice meditation and replace exhaustion with true relaxation. 

Katelyn Cusimano   &   Morne Cilliers


Our Story

Our Story

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