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Pay What You Can 

We are changing our pricing strategy.


When we started MoKa Yoga we thought about using a pay-what-you-can structure. At the time, the fear of loss was too great to see the dream through. Thanks to the support of all of you, that dream is becoming a reality.


Registration will be still be required.

You can register for the class(es) you would like to attend at

When you select your class(es), there will be an option to pay online or in person as well as an option to select the amount you wish to pay for the class. 

For an hour long class or sound bath, we typically charge $15-20. If this price suits you, great!

If, this week, month or year, that price doesn't suit you, enter the amount you are comfortable with.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support our business as it grows! 

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